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Module for expanding
Zone module:
   Measurement range: 0 to 300 ppm of CO
   Measurement units: ppm in 3 digits
   Module connections: Removable terminal blocks Ø 2.5 mm2
   Zone connections: 2 wires
   Maximum zone distance: 2 km 1.5 mm2 wire
   Maximum detectors per zone: 2 detectors
   Extraction output level 1: Relay (C, NC, NO)
   Extraction output level 2: Relay (C, NC, NO)
   Alarm output: Relay (C, NC, NO)
   Extraction levels: Selectable from 0 to 299 ppm
   Alarm level: Selectable from 0 to 299 ppm
   Operating modes:
        Automatic (maximum CO concentration)
        Automatic (average CO concentration)
        Manual extraction always off (OFF)
        Manual extraction always on (ON)